Monday, 5 April 2010

Welcome Spring

Tonight my daughter fell asleep  holding my hand. And in one hand she was holding a princess crown. She is three years old and only very recently found the world of princes and princesses, fairies and witches. Sometimes she still gets things ever so slightly mixed up by calling a girl a prince and a boy a princess, or her father the queen and me the king. Oh well. :) She turned three already in March, but because of the outbreaks of all sorts of children's bugs we decided to hold the party at at later date, which meant two weeks ago. The theme was to be a fairy party, but all she really wanted was a fairy cake. So, I made my first fondant covered cake ever. For almost two weeks, yes, two weeks, I twisted and turned little flowers and toadstools, snails and ladybugs out of sugar fondant, but in the end it was all well and truly worth it. The day after her birthday party she woke up with a smile on her face and her first words were " Mommy, that was soooooo lovely, the best birthday party ever. " What more could anyone ask for. I only wonder what kind of cake she will be asking for next year.

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