Sunday, 25 April 2010

Little Scraps and a Big Deal

I'm a one proud Mama. This here is our Daughter and what she is holding in her hands is a piece of paper with some scrapbooking letters on it. I gave them to her in a pile because she wanted to have the letters that were in her name. Obviously I was not expecting her to be able to put them in correct order, but that she did. Completely by herself she glued the letters in a right order on her piece of paper. She is three. Yes, very proud indeed. :)

 But to the business. I don't really do scrapbooking. Well I did when I was much younger, but scrapbooking then and scrapbooking now are really two different life forms. So for a while I've just been staring admiringly at the different kinds of paper sheets for scrapbookers available in one of the local art stores. And wondering what I myself could make of them. 
And as it happens, I have also been staring at my ever increasing pile of recipe clippings in the kitchen cupboards wondering what I myself could, indeed, do with them. I didn't want a folder. I've tried a notebook and immediately run out of space. Maybe a box would do. But all the recipe boxes being sold are practically miniature for my purposes so what else was there to do but make one myself. 
At first I thought I would use a shoe box. But the Husband used the last available free shoe box in the house to make it into a house for tiny toy creatures for the Daughter. So, I also bought brown cardboard and using the now-toy-house-shoe-box as a template, made a box just like it. Then I used the dotty scrapbooking paper by BoBunny, letters by Graphic45 and some soft white drawing paper to cover the box with.

The box ended up looking like this. I run out of paper glue. The Daughter sure likes gluing things together. Had to do some creative cutting as was in danger of running out of spotty paper. And I'm not going to show you the insides as I'm still to glue, or write, the recipes on cards. But I'm quite happy with the end result. At least I can now hide the pile of cutouts in there. Mission accomplished.

 And the car you see peeking in there? The Husband got his hands on some broken down old toys and managed to fix these cars so now him and the Little Miss can race around the house with their remote controlled little racing cars. For Little Miss though, the best part seems to be the crashes as the little men inside the cars pop out whenever the car bumps into something. Oh well. 

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