Monday, 12 April 2010

'I Want to Grow a Sunflower, Mommy'

I believe we can now officially say the spring is here. After all, the sun has been shining for two whole days so that must count for spring here. Right? Well, even though there might still be snowy patches on the ground, the time has come to dig out the seed catalogs and start brushing off the potting bits. Before, however, I start on the growing of the seedlings to plant on the veggie patch come summer though, it was finally time for the Little Miss to plant the sunflower seeds she chose herself in the store a while ago. She also insisted on choosing some pink flowers, pink being the color of the moment, and I think some ended up with the sunflower seeds in the pots so I guess we'll have little pink flowers growing with the huge sunflowers. I hope we will. It sounds nice.

The Little Miss didn't want to start growing her seedlings in the plastic green miniature hothouse so we chose some tiny clay pots as homes for her flowers. And she did the whole planting business herself, I was just hovering around taking photographs. :) I wanted the future little flowers to have some kind of hothousey thing though, so I ended up improvising with some barbecue sticks, plastic bags and string. We'll see how that works. So far so good, seems to keep the humidity well. It certainly looks nicer than the green plastic ones. Now we just wait for the first green sprouts and the Little Miss runs to the windowsill at least twice a day ' just to check if the flowers are growing'. 

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