Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Got my first feedback on the new blog just a few minutes ago. Thank you, you lovely people. Some voiced surprise at the blog being so 'pink'. Got to love that. :) And yes, only a few years back I could have hardly imagined myself doing something this, well, yes, I said it, sweet. And pretty. I was, after all, the original white-on-white woman. With just a little black here and there. But pastels, noooooo. However, life for some time has felt like in dire need of colour. And light. And all things beautiful. I guess that if you have to on a daily basis deal with such serious issues as your health being basically gone forever, about everything you ever planned to do being in jeopardy, it is exactly the lighter side of life you want to turn to so that not everything is the colour of a hospital wall. And I firmly believe in the power of colour to affect your mood, at least my mood. So pink it is. And pastel blue. And a little vintage white. And whatever else light and lovely hue there might be. Others said it was 'lovely' and 'delightful', one went so far as to say it was 'happymaking'. The Husband immediately honed in on the technical misshaps, as was to be expected.  Which there must be many as this is my first blog ever but bear with me people, live and learn. So, come, sit and stay a while. You're more than welcome.

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