Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mommy Dearest and A Caramel Cake

I had no time yesterday for the dress. Again. It keeps calling my name and I'm starting to get slightly frustrated with not being able to start on it. But that's life. And a big part of yesterday was spent trekking in the forest with the Daughter, the Husband and my Mother aka Grandma O. Some parts of the path were still covered in snow and ice where the sun just hadn't gotten through the trees enough to melt it away. Strange, to be walking in a still snowy forest in May. In a few weeks all that will be gone and the summer should be knocking on the door, and yet there will even then be places up here where the sun just can't win over the snow and the snowy patches will still be there come Midsummer.

I got the other Mother's Day cake done last night though. My Brother has been hoping for a caramel cake for some time, so that's what I made. A creamy, caramelly, orangey cake. Not without hitches, though. Something went seriously wrong with the first base as it practically flew out of the cake pan in the oven and still managed to end up flat and burned. Oh well. It happens. The next one came out perfect. Unlike the caramel which ended up bubbly and uneven. Tasted nice anyhow...

For the filling I used pureed, canned mandarin slices topped with a mixture of orange flavoured cream cheese and whipped cream, stiffened with some vanilla custard powder. Flowers and leaves are made from marzipan. First time I made roses, and am not completely happy with the results as made the marzipan too quickly drying and had trouble working with it because of that. Well, practice makes perfect.

I've been thinking about mothers and daughters a lot lately. Sometimes I look at my Daughter and I can not help but ask, are you really here ? Are you really my daughter? You see, for some, being able to have children is something they do not give a second thought. It is something that 'just happens'. To others, it is something that is given hundreds, thousands of thoughts during endless months and years. I have friends who have finally been able to adopt or concieve and I couldn't be happier for them, others, for various reasons, still remain childless . I have the biggest joy, the greatest love there could be for me in my Daughter. The beautiful Sophia Loren once said that after a woman becomes a mother she will never again only think for herself, but always for herself and for her child.

Image courtesy of Red Bird Ink

I believe that even when your children grow up, they will forever stay in your thoughts. I have had the priviledge of coming from a rather close-knit family. Crazy and mindlessly annoying that it has been at times, it has never been anything but unfailingly supportive. And even though us children are all grown up now, for our parents we will forever remain their children, of that I have no doubt. I only hope I can give my Daughter that same kind of unfailing support in whatever she decides to do in her life. I hope I can give her enough guidance for her to be able to choose her way wisely, enough strength to deal with the mountains and molehills the life will inevitably throw in her way. And should she stumble, I will be there to help her up with the rest of her two families both here and in Portugal. Alone she will never be.

I love you more than you will ever understand, my Daughter.

And to you, Mother, thank you for everything you are.

From all your Children.

Hyvää Äitienpäivää Rakkaalle Äidillemme.


  1. Hello and happy mothers day. Yes, I can ship anywhere and size is no object. If you go on etsy and click on contact seller you should be able to get a hold of me. Sorry about my e-mail it can be very fickle. Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. Beautiful post and a very evocative one. Our tastes are very similar... I love vintage stuff, flea markets, and this beautiful cake with marzipan flowers. Happy belated Mother's Day, and thank you for the comment on the pulla. Have a good day!!
    xo Deeba