Wednesday, 13 July 2011


What I am going to write today will be mostly words from somebody else. Life has happened. Tomorrow is one of the days I've least looked forward to during this entire summer, so right now I am listening to music and wondering. Looking at the trees outside my window dancing in the wind while I try to make sense of my world. While I think about who I am. Where I'm going. Where I am. Tomorrow I will do my best to remember all this. And after that, I will write here again. 

So now. Words found somewhere, years ago. Written in a now dogeared notebook. No mention of the author, but whoever it is out there in the universe, I thank you. 

'' I went outside.
Outside people were going to places.
They went,
they came,
they walked,
they run.

Bicycles hurried,
cars hurried,
trucks hurried,
the street hurried, 
the city hurried,
everybody hurried.
They hurried so they would
not loose time.
They run after the time,
to catch it.
To win it.

Good bye, dear sir, I have no time.
I will come again, 
I can not wait
I have no time.
I would have liked to help you
I have no time.
I can not accept the invitation.
I have no time.
I can not 
I would like to pray but
I have no time.

So runs all humanity
after time.
Without ever getting
where they're going
they have no time.

I have time.
I have all my time.
All the time that I am given.
All the years of my life.
The days of my years.
Moments of my days.
All these I have.
To fill in peace.
I have time.''

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  1. Wonderful poem. I will pass this on to many people who will definitely benefit from it. I hope everything is well with you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Love