Thursday, 23 December 2010

Walking In The Air

Yeah, I know, I know, just because we in the western world are celebrating something called christmas doesn't mean the whole world will suddenly be overflowing with joy and goodwill. But for a moment here, I would like to allow myself the liberty of not thinking about it. Of just being here, in the moment. Enjoying the scent of the Sweet Corn Casserole sneaking from the oven, the candles and the christmas tree lights, the heat of the radiator against which I'm sitting, and the warmth of my mulled cider. The Daughter is visiting a friend and will be back in a while, but right now it's just me, music and cooking. I'm quite sure I have forgotten something, but whatever it will end up being I think I will survive without. I predicted that I would end up being all sweaty and harassed come today, the 23rd, but weirdly enough I have not been quite this calm and happy in a long, long time. Strange. But lovely.

Yesterday was the fall season ending at the Daughter's kindergarten, and I made some cakes for her teachers as a thank you for their efforts during this time. I think they have done a lovely job with my indeed joyful but admittedly quick-tempered little girl, not everybody would have gotten her so well, since while I do not advocate brattish, impolite behavior, I also do not think children should be made into mindless, copycat drones of each others. So here are the cakes...

... which were decorated with your basic marzipan and sugar paste. Though I'm not a fan of marzipan myself, I ended up having to use it for the white parts since quite a lot of my sugar paste had dried beyond salvation. The cake itself is basic vanilla sponge, filled with vanilla custard and apple and cinnamon sauce for which I just cooked some chopped apples with cinnamon and sugar until mushy.

So, now I have stuck the Sweetcorn Casserole in the oven, and am just whiling away the time. Ooops. Just remembered I still have two presents to pack, one of which is for the Daughter, so I better get that done now before she gets back. See you in a sec. 

Ok, done. Books are such a joy to pack.

And now I'm going to turn on the heat in the oven to get a nice golden crust on the Sweetcorn Thingy and start preparing the Smoked Salmon Salad. All nice and easy. And when my Daughter gets back I'm going to watch this film with her...

...and munch on some Tuna Melts. And before you go all damn-that-woman let me tell you that during these past two days alone I have managed to set off the fire alarm four, yes, FOUR times because I have made something, errrr, smoky, in the kitchen. I have walked into at least three doors due to silly absentmindedness and poured one cup of coffee and one of tea on a tray instead of the cup as I simply forgot that the cup would be needed at all. And as I said before, I am certain that I have forgotten something, quite possibly quite a few things, but honestly, I don't care. My heart is warm and my mind is calm, for once, so maybe this, indeed is the long sought after Christmas Spirit? And on that note, my dears, gotta fly now, the smoke alarm is making strange beeps, I guess the casserole must be ready then...

Have Yourself a Peaceful Christmas, Everyone.

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  1. You truly are a very lovely person and I thank you for extending yourself to me. A kindred spirit in many ways. I know there is a God because somehow I've found a honest ,true hearted,person who shares a wicked style of humor combined with such gentleness and compassion.
    My Wish for your Christmas is that you receive the desires of your heart.
    Thank You for your friendship albeit, the internet kind.
    Love, Elise x